Who we are

We started NEOFAA as a celebration of fashion which can be suitable for all.
A place where fashion is not just a trend-following company but an appropriation that transcends age, size, and conscience. We thought a lot and then came up with the idea of creating an era in the fashion industry via the medium of clothing brands which can make fashion pieces and create a business with an ethical and environment-friendly approach. Our commitment to a “Fashion For All” mantra is not just a slogan but a guiding principle that shapes every aspect of our brand, it’s a promise we live and breathe.
We produce clothes by considering their environmental aspects.
In our pursuit of sustainability and its adoption, we realised the complex landscape of eco-friendly practices, and hidden marketing schemes, and we decided not to follow hidden tricks and tips so that we came up with the sustainable inventory approach a genuine understanding of sustainability that’s not just transparent but accessible for everyone to understand.
We create garments as per the order and as per the requirement only.
Our garments are not mass-produced but meticulously crafted based on individual orders and requirements. While it may be in our favour to cut costs via bulk production and unethical practise to maximize our profits. However, we proudly choose the path of the make-to-order process to avoid unnecessary textile waste. Each piece we create ensures minimal resource usage, with every choice justified by fulfilling your unique needs.
We make sure that our garments are accessible for all body shapes and sizes.
Size inclusivity is not a fancy word or a unique selling point for us; it’s a foundational belief. We state that our garments are accessible for all of the persons who desire to wear any fashion things from us. That’s why we don't have a specific collection for a particular target audience but every piece from our collection is for all body shapes and sizes with customisation too, ensuring every individual finds a perfect fit.
We produce every garment with consideration of ethical aspects of production
We are committed to ensuring fair wages at every level of our production process, fostering economic justice within our workforce.
A culture of mutual respect is the foundation of our workplace, where every individual, regardless of role, is valued and treated with dignity.
Whether a hero in the stitching department or a Managing Director, respect is the cornerstone of our shared mission. A mission which again aligns all of us to make our work for all.
We gave importance to each of our garments so that it could get the potential of a stand-out piece.
Our garments are not just fabric and threads; they are expressions of our customers which is the real definition of fashion. Understanding the challenges faced by modern women and their desire for self-expression motivates us to make our garments. By producing top-notch quality pieces, we make our garments with top-notch quality and release them in the whole world, which become a symbol of freedom for its users and support in their dreams.
These values define NEOFAA,
a modern fashion brand committed to a “Fashion For All ” philosophy. We believe in
these principles , and by adhering to them, we are ushering in a