Privacy Policy

 Neofaa Privacy Policy Content’s privacy policy is all about the benefits that a user can have while shopping from our website. It’s about building a mutual bond that lasts for a longer period. We want you to feel secure and that your personal information is safe with us. 


Purpose: privacy policy informs customers about how their personal information is collected, utilized, and safeguarded. As a Western clothing brand for women, we recognize the value of consumer trust and take data privacy very seriously. Our privacy policy explains what information we gather, such as names and email addresses, and how we use it to fulfil orders and personalize shopping experiences. We also discuss our data protection procedures, such as secure servers and encryption. By being transparent about our information practices, we hope to empower our customers to make educated decisions and have confidence in their interactions with our business.



Information Collected & How it is used: 


We believe in creating a link of transparency. We collect your name, email address, shipping address, and other information. When you make a payment, your credit/debit card information is gathered to complete the transaction. We collaborated with a reputable payment getaway system that is recognized for its security. The reason for this is because we want you to feel at home while shopping with us.


We keep track of usernames, passwords, and other necessary information so that you do not have to input your credentials again. We collect this information when customers open an account, place an order, sign up for newsletters, enter competitions or surveys, or interact with our website. These data are used for delivery purposes, suggesting products that a user might like and more. The consent of customers is a must and hence, we try to let you know about every detail that we work on.


To improve the browsing experience, Neofaa uses cookies, which are little data files that are saved on the user's device. Cookies help us remember user preferences, track website usage patterns, and collect demographic information. This allows us to optimize our marketing efforts and customize the website to meet individual needs. Users can accept or deny cookies through their browser settings, although this may affect certain website functionality.

 We may personalize the advertisements displayed on our websites. To provide this customization, in addition to information we gather about you on our sites, we obtain information (including personal, demographic, behavioural, and indirect information) about the User from third parties that provide it to us.



Note: We do not store information of users like the password of your email account or bank details.


Furthermore, customers can sign up for our newsletters and email reminders, which contain information about new items, discounts, and other promotional offers. 


We understand that not everyone wants to receive marketing materials, therefore users may opt-out at any time. When a user opts out of our communications, we shall stop sending marketing messages to that user. We respect our users' privacy preferences and want them to have complete control over their data.



A network of Secure Network System:


To do this, we employ suitable technical measures, such as cutting-edge encryption technology, and keep our servers in a highly secure environment. To stay ahead of evolving threats, we do frequent audits and changes to our security processes. These strict audits assist us in identifying and addressing dangers, ensuring that your data is secure at all times. 


We may need to share certain data with other parties, such as payment and delivery partners, to provide you with our services. These trustworthy partners are bound by demanding contractual duties to protect your data and can only use it for the intended reasons.


Note: We don’t take any responsibility for any third-party websites that link to our platform. Do read their privacy policy before using those websites. 


As part of this commitment, we regularly update our privacy policy to ensure that it complies with the most recent data protection standards, regulations, and best practices. We recognize that privacy laws and technology evolve, and we must stay current to give you the best possible protection and transparency. We encourage you to review our privacy policy regularly, as changes may affect how we collect, utilize, and secure your information.


Still, have doubts? Contact Us: 


We have attempted to address every topic that may be of concern to you, and if you have any further questions, please contact us at We have a customer service team to help you in the best way possible. Feel free to contact them at the phone number provided. Please contact us at the email address provided below if you have any questions or would like a thorough explanation of any of your worries.


M: +91 805-805-0045





At, we are dedicated to maintaining our valued customers' confidence and loyalty. Our top objective is to offer a secure and privacy-focused online buying experience. To ensure this, we have put in place strong security measures as well as strict privacy regulations. Our privacy policy is intentionally designed to be open, leaving no space for misunderstanding. We want our users to be sure that their personal information is handled with care and used only for lawful purposes. By adhering to these principles, we hope to establish an environment in which our customers may buy with confidence, knowing that their privacy is respected and protected at all times.