What to pair up with Blazers?

What to pair up with Blazers?

Blazers are fashion icons. Earlier, in western and European countries it was a symbol of royalism. In Indian culture, blazers have created their own fashion space. Blazers are a versatile staple of smart-casual wear. While we are in the modern world, looking out for the perfect outfits for us, blazers can be used to mark an impact on special occasions, during wedding days, especially for reception parties, dress code parties, and more. But the only question that comes to our mind is how to pair up blazers. It is no doubt that blazers make you stand out from the crowd. But for that to work, they should be worn in a way that suits you and is comfortable.

Velvet blazer: 
Velvet blazers have a unique feel and dynamic look. The fancier material of a velvet blazer lends itself to more formal outfits, making it stand out as a more fashion-forward look. Neofaa’s velvet blazer collection is one step ahead, as everything is taken into consideration, style, comfort, and more. Distinct color velvet blazers look ravishing.

Go simple with jeans and a T-shirt
Jeans and T-shirts are fundamental when we think about what to style up with blazers. Round-neck T-shirts are perfect, just make sure that the colors are contrasting and go with the jeans. Denim is just so splendid with blazers and even the different color jeans will amp up your appearance.

Add a scarf for extra flair

For the winter season, scarves look mesmerizing as they go with the trends and with minimal accessories such as sunglasses, sneakers, and a wristwatch to make complete the look.

Wear a blazer with chinos and dress shoes.

Wear a grey button-up, tan chinos, and a colorful jacket to make it the center focus of your ensemble for a more smart-casual look. This can be the ideal work attire if your office is more laid back.

Throw a blazer over your dress.
You can even layer up the oversized blazer with a midi dress and with heels, you can walk the ramp. That’s a new style! You have to experiment with new kinds of creativity, it doesn’t have to be copied or followed by going on with your gut feeling. 

Wear with a crop top
You can wear a blazer with a crop top and high-waisted slacks. To make the crop top stand out, choose a jacket that is a different color than your crop top or one that complements your pants.

You can pair a blazer with jeans, a V-neck shirt, and loafers for a casual date night look, wear a blazer to a dinner party with chinos and a white shirt, or sport a blazer at the office with dress shoes and a dress shirt if your office dress code allows. Blazers are an extraordinary element to let you have those cozy moments.



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