What to buy? And how to style it? 

What to buy? And how to style it? 

The most basic question that comes in everyday life, is what to buy and how to style it. Fashion for women is very important as it dictates the direction she is heading to and how they carry themselves on the platform called, ‘world.’ The dilemma is real! What if a party is on the way, how will I dress for the weekend? Or what if my friends don’t like this style of mine? These questions are so obvious yet one should ignore them. Style is all about individual choice and be any top, bottom, shorts, dress, etc. One should always experiment with their choices and buy new attires with changes in trends. 

Personal style!
Being a fashion style seeker-- allows you to adopt the personal style you adore. Examine rather than judgment when taking signals from someone else's persona. Because you're capturing the mood of a whole aesthetic rather than just praising one piece or feature, this adds to the intricacy of putting together full looks. Wearing every article of clothing either gives it new life or makes it very evident that it needs to be discarded. Wear something again if you aren't sure whether to throw it away. By the end of the day, you'll know for sure if you want to retain it or not.

Keep your body size in concern-
The ultimate accessory in fashion is your body, and you are your canvas. When we have trouble dressing for our shapes, it might limit our inventiveness and/or draw attention to our fears, leaving us unsatisfied and with few choices. Your body is already changing as you get older, but that's to be expected. One of your greatest resources is the ability to appreciate and learn to work with what you already have. Women who are aware of what flatters their bodies can do so.

Bright hues outfits & casuals!

A quick method to wear more colors and discover what you like is to experiment with vivid colors in your accessories. You can do this with almost anything, including a colorful bag, shoe, or pair of earrings. It might be a hair clip or a scarf. It works because almost all vibrant colors readily blend back into a neutral, dispelling any doubt about how to match.

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