Your home is a place where you live and your wardrobe is the place where your outfits live! Make sure that every day defines you in a way that you want to demonstrate in front of people. We wear them according to our moods! Sometimes, shorts, sometimes pants, and sometimes sleeveless, but each and every outfit tells a story about us. When you not feeling it, wearing casual is the best option, when you want to get that vibe for the whole day, flaunting your style in your favorite outfits is what seems to be the ultimate option. But for each and every mood of yours, you should have your wardrobe stacked in a way that makes you feel sumptuous about your fashion and style.

Today, most working women have two sections in their wardrobe. While one section of clothes is reserved for weekday wear that includes office wear formals, the weekend wear constitutes casual and party clothes. Even many non-working women follow this rule – wearing light cotton clothes on weekdays, and gaudy heavy garments such as embellished wear are kept for weekends.


For weekdays you can opt for spending it comfortably in a midi dress, skirt or shirt to have a perfect time during office hours or having that good time, gossiping with your friends, sitting in a café. Having that full or cargo-type bottoms, and matching them with sneakers and earrings, will rock your weekdays.

Weekends are all about having that fun and enjoying it with your friends, having that coffee sitting with your friends, and hanging out. Shorts, crop tops, and jumpsuits are some of the western wear that can be worn on weekends. The color and the patterns should be selected in a way that truly depicts yourself in front of others.

Every outfit and casual in your wardrobe has to be organized in a way that gives you confidence and makes you feel proud of what you wearing. That morning hustle to decide what to wear is resolved in less time if you know the kind of outfits that suit you.




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