Ambition and Discipline!

Ambition and Discipline!

Ambitions people are everywhere! Everyone wants to achieve something. We all have dreams and desire to be on top. Who doesn’t wants all the luxurious things for himself? Maybe the answer to that question is the MOST PEACEFUL PERSON. The harder part is regret. Time is precious and no matter how much money or power you have, you cannot buy time. It’s not bad to dream or think about the life in which you have everything, you have been praying for. But ambition doesn’t really exist without discipline. 
‘God helps those who help themselves!’ This is a postulate. Understand that it’s one thing to dream and foremost thing to work in that direction. Merely sitting and fascinating about the future is a pavement of failure! Luck happens when hard work meets opportunity! The line of people who are just wishing is long, and until your time comes for that, who knows maybe you don’t even have that urge anymore. 

Be disciplined about your goals! There are people who continuously work in the direction of achieving what they want and the chances of their success are much higher. The consequences and results of our work solely depend on how much effort we put in. We are often judged by people around us. But the only thing that should be going on in our mind is the way we deal with our thoughts and focus on only what will keep us motivated and elevated towards our goals. People are going to judge because they themselves are incapable of doing things that you aspire to and they don’t want you to be better than them.       


Every individual has the same power to achieve anything. It just depends on the discipline and the willingness to do things. Never let people’s judgments and negative thoughts control your willpower. Every step you take should be progressive and when you trust the process, the results they root are always fruitful. 

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