Why NEOFAA over other brands?

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Less Waste

Choosing Make-to-Order in textiles cuts down on excess production, reducing industry waste.

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Smart Resource Use

It saves materials, helping the environment by using resources more efficiently.

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Green Choice

Make-to-Order, based on what customers want, is an eco-friendly process of manufacturing the garments.

Wait, What is Make to order?

It is custom-made outfits made just for you, crafted when you dream of
them and delivered according to your exact needs.
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Your Order

in 24 - 48 Hours

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Fabric is
Printed For
Your Garment

step 1
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Fabric is cut
according to
To your size

step 2
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stitching of
Fabric & Finishing
(Buttons, zips, etc.)

step 3
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Quality check

step 4
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Make to Order

But, Why Make to order?

The apparel industry creates a lot of trash.

tonnes per year, to be exact. learn more >

We are diverting some of it from landfills by choosing

Principle for our brand NEOFAA

Where Does This Waste Come From?

Imagine You buy a trendy outfit
Now Whatever you bought was not only made for you. but, It is

Made In

Later on, when fashion changes, all the extra outfits that nobody bought end up being thrown away or burned.