What’s new in the store ‘for you?’

What’s new in the store ‘for you?’

From time to time, we update our store with the latest designer Co-ord sets, Shirts, bottoms, and more to keep you fashionable and get you ready every day to show off your style. 'Fashion for all' is our motto, and we make sure that every collection we make, justifies the statement. From kids to teenagers to women, our collection is suitable for everyone. The selection of fabrics to make the outfits is done by surveying what's trending all over the world. For example, our latest pleated outfits collection is a gem in the fashion world. It adds a touch of 'class' to your wardrobe and makes you look elegant effortlessly. Let's go through some of our latest addition. 

1) Designer Shirts-
As Monsoon has arrived, going for the fabrics that keep you comfortable is a must. Hence, we have revised our shirts collection and made it from fabrics that will keep you refreshed all day, irrespective of the rain pouring down. Don't let anything stop you from enjoying every moment. Be confident in our designer shirts, you can match them up with trousers or shorts, that will lift your fashion goals. From polka dot patterns to pleated designs, from Ombre patterns to Paisley, every trendy design is available in our store. To give you a feel of traditions with a modern touch, a traditional shirt is also added. 

2) Trendy Jumpsuits-
Jumpsuits are the most comfortable element when it comes to style in the monsoon season. They deserve a place in your wardrobe. Can be worn in the office, for casual outings, for weekend looks, for holidays, and of course to click some great pictures in it. Our latest Jumpsuits collection includes Polka Dot Jumpsuit, the pattern looks fantastic and surely deserves a place in both your heart and wardrobe. Once you wear it, there is no going back to the same typical outfits. This pattern fits perfectly with the rainy season and keeps your body at ease and allows free movements, that keep you refreshed all day. Explore more in the jumpsuits collection, in different designs and solid colors too. 

3) Co-ord sets for women-
Women's Co-ord sets are becoming more and more popular these days and there are many different varieties available. Paisley pleated Co-ord set is one of the popular choices. It offers a touch of traditional style with a contemporary feel to modernize your look. The pleats create an easy dimension for all occasions. The Floral Co-ord set is always eye-catching. It adds a sense of style with simple brightness. Women with a true sense of fashion know how to look unique and elegant in this cheerful and fantastic set. Abstract Co-ord set is exemplary for ladies who want an exclusive look. It fits all body shapes and sizes and you get a wide range of colors. Also very comfortable and lightweight to wear, indeed a perfect choice for casual and outing looks. All these sets have enough design variations to be grabbed by all fashion icons, ensuring style with stunning looks.



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