Monsoon wear!

Monsoon wear!

Monsoon is a drizzling season that sometimes might affect the fashion style and thereby change the perspective towards our wardrobe. During the rainy season, most of us just opt for comfortable and warmth. The fabrics from which these apparel are made should be absorbing and dry up easily. With a coffee in hand, a beautiful view, and light rain drops falling from the sky, and you are all covered up in your preferable outfit, it’s worth creating a memory to remember for a lifetime. Fashion designers create women's clothing articulately so that it is appreciated and adopted by most women. 

1) Midi dress
Midi dresses are comfortable and they can definitely be your ultimate choice for this monsoon season. Avoiding full length is so mandatory, as the stains might stick to your clothes. Hence, midi dress in different styling will surely make your day. You can style it up with sneakers, that will give you a comfortable and trendy look. 

2) Shorts 
Shorts are stylish and comfortable and will give you the most amazing feeling. Shorts can be paired with sleeveless tops, half-sleeve tops, comfortable T-shirts, sneakers, and a minimal accessory that will amplify your personality effortlessly. Shorts are casual wears but they can be worn everywhere as it matches up with almost any location. 

3) Crop Tops

Crop Tops are another option to get you a monsoon feel. They are the most followed tops in every corner of the world and their impact on the fashion world is well-known. Crop tops can be styled with shorts, pants, and sneakers. It gives a funky look that lifts your spirits up. If you want something that will give you a relaxing time in the monsoon, then crop tops are the perfect choice for you. 

The monsoon is undoubtedly one of the most challenging times to look your best. With regular rains, potholes, and temperatures that change in seconds from simply humid to completely wet, one must be a little more careful when dressing up. Avoid wearing Denim, Full bottoms, full sleeves, and anything that sticks to your body. Opt for cotton wear mostly, as it will keep you all good in this rainy season. 

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