It’s so common for humans to desire to become successful through various means. Since childhood, our minds are trained by society to study, get a degree and take a good job that pays well enough to have a luxurious life. There is no bad in that. If you go to a school and randomly ask students what would they want to become in life? They will answer as, ‘Doctor, Engineer, Businessman, etc.’ but not a single child would answer as ‘I want to be happy. People don’t exactly go in the direction, they want to be sometimes, because of pressure from their parents or society. 

Being happy is the foremost thing that defines our mental health life. It’s not the materialistic things that will make your heart feel at peace and give you stability in life. It’s the state of your mind and the satisfaction of your heart that will serve you the eternal peace and happiness to grow and be successful. There is nothing wrong with having the desire for all the luxurious and materialistic things but it should not come at the cost of sacrificing the little happiness in our lives. The people in our lives matter. Good relationships are one of the best ways to enjoy happiness, health, and well-being. Developing certain emotional skills can help us form and keep good relationships. For instance, some people are so deeply engraved in their work, that they forget the loved ones at their home. And this creates a gap between bonding and relations. 

There are various ways and small habits that can lead to a better life. Eat nourishing food, sleep properly, exercise, and think good for others. These habits when combined together will eventually lead to a better life that is free of stress. Though the things don’t work out in the starting when you decide to make a new routine. But once the habits are built your body and mind start coordinating.

Work in the field you wish to work in, not where someone else wants you to work. It should be you and only you taking up all the career decisions in your lives rather than relying on others. No one knows your heart better than you. Feel gratitude at the moment rather than overthinking about the future. Our mind is built on thoughts, and thoughts are like a baby. They nourish on the basis of what we feed to them. Thoughts should be in total connection with your actions. 

Be disciplined! As a saying goes, ‘Only the discipline people are free in life’. Some might think that discipline and punctuality bind you to a timetable and that becomes boring. But it isn’t like that. Discipline makes you appreciate; how much important a role time plays in our lives.      

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