How to select the right outfit for your body size?

How to select the right outfit for your body size?

With the advent of western style fashion taking over the global fashion industry, it is only wise to look into the ever-evolving trends and styles of western wear. Not only are they comfortable and stylish but they are also perfect for any occasion. However, the challenge with western fashion lies in choosing the right western wear for your body type. Whether you’re plus size or petite, it can be difficult to decide which pieces are most flattering for your figure. In this blog, we are going to look at how to choose the right western wear for your body type.


The first step to finding the perfect western wear for your body type is to consider the cowboy style. Cowboy-style clothing is a great way to add a timeless and classic look to your wardrobe. If you’re petite or have a boyish figure, you can easily pull off this look. For women, this includes a pair of denim jeans, a fitted shirt, and a stylish belt. If you’re plus size, you can opt for a Co-ord set. When it comes to shirt selection, light colors are best for plus-size women as they can help create a slimming effect.

Plus-size women have a variety of clothing options to choose from, especially when it comes to tops and shirts. From long and flowy tunics to off-the-shoulder blouses, there's something to suit every woman's individual style. Coord sets are another great option for plus-size women as they provide a complete look with minimal effort. Popular styles include two-piece sets with cropped tops and high-waisted pants, or jumpsuit sets with wide-legged pants and wrap tops. Long flowy dresses are another great choice for plus-size women as they offer an effortless look that is both comfortable and stylish. Strapless tops are perfect for showing off statement necklaces or chunky earrings and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Overall, plus-size women have so many options when it comes to tops, shirts, and Co-ord sets, and no matter what the occasion, there will be something to suit their taste.
Accessories can help complete a western-style look. For petite women, large statement pieces such as necklaces and earrings should be avoided as they can overwhelm your frame. Plus-size women can wear larger items such as chunky necklaces and earrings with ease as they provide balance to their outfits. If you’re looking for a more subtle accessory, opt for a fashionable hat or bandana.

Finally, it is important to consider the options for tailoring and plus-size clothing. If you’re petite and looking for western wear, you can easily find pieces that are tailored to your body type. Plus-size women can shop for pieces that are designed for their body type and that are both stylish and flattering.

Check out Neofaa's collection in which you can get your favorite outfits from the size range of XXS to 9XL In conclusion, finding the right western wear for your body type doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start by considering the tops, bottoms, and Co-ord sets, and then move on to selecting pieces that are tailored for your body type. Remember to pick out accessories that help create balance and don’t forget to look for plus-size clothing if needed. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect western wear outfit.


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