How to live your 20-30’s?

How to live your 20-30’s?

Life is the most precious gift we have, and every day is a blessing. Some live their days as if there is no tomorrow and some live as if they are always drowning in the pain of the upcoming tomorrow. Worries lead to one thing and that to overthinking, snatching away our happiness at present. The best years or we can say the decade of life is 20’s to 30s. You get pumped up with all the energy, you are young and capable of doing things. 


20's to 30s is the age of building your life, career, and relationships, if you are in a typical Indian family then marriage is also included in the list, people come in and go out of your lives, and you maturely understand things, you realized that peace of mind is all that matters, your desires seemed to lower down, you don’t get excited for little things in lives. It’s the age when you enter the real world and become independent. You keep things to yourselves!


The best way to live in this age is to live freely. Work, build a career, form less but meaningful relations, have fewer friends rather than a toxic group of people, give time to your families, live every day, considering that life is unpredictable, chill out with your friends, go for vacations now and then, travel and explore. This age and this excitement are never going to come back in your lives. ‘It’s not how long you live, it’s how you live.’ Make memories regretless! Don’t expect too much from people, they disappoint often. It’s your family who will always have your back, so spend more time with them.

Learn to accept and love yourself first. Appreciate the journey of life and the hurdles are there just to guide you and give you experience. Take more risks, and don’t get too comfortable, as without continuous persistence you will not be able to perceive the real you. Never take judgments from people too seriously! No one knows you better than you! 









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