Go for Sustainability!

Go for Sustainability!

Sustainability is the new trend! Cotton being one of the most familiar fabrics, is made in a way that is not harmful to the environment. And the outfits and casuals made from the cotton fabric have their own impact in a positive way. Cotton gives you comfortability and breathability. The tops, shirts, shorts prepared from cotton fabric are easy to carry and be more stylish.

For casual days:

If you want to spend some time with yourself, being at home or just want to have a casual hangout with friends, then you should go for regular fit shirt, boat neck top, or flared trouser. The beautiful abstract prints from Nefoaa will amaze you in zillion ways.

For office:

Being a formal with that trendy touch is just what you require to have that fashion goals fulfilled. When the tops from Neofaa matched with the Midi skirt, will surely do the trick. Just a sober abstract print midi dress with sneakers and minimal jewelry’s is another option to go.

For weekends:

Weekend is all about fun! To chill and hang out with your friends. But what makes it memorable are the kind of outfits that you wear. Form Sustainable Cotton Edit, you can choose relaxed fit trouser, Co-ord Sets, midi skirt, Maxi dress and crop tops matched with our same pattern bottoms. The solid tops with the solid bottoms will look gorgeous on you.

Sustainability being the key factor in making the casuals & outfits for the present generation as conserving the nature is the main goal. Apparels made from using natural raw materials are worthy of buying as you contribute for a good cause. Compared to other common clothing fibres such as synthetic polyester, semi-synthetic rayon, and bamboo, cotton has the advantage of being a completely natural product, which means it's biodegradable. Cotton is sustainable in the sense that it's a natural fiber produced by plants. We can always grow more of it; it doesn't intrinsically require resources that we can't replace. And it's biodegradable; it breaks down in a fairly short time once discarded and leaves no trace.


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