Getting through every day!

Getting through every day!

You're not alone if you've ever had to confront the challenge of getting dressed for the next week with only the clothes in your closet at the beginning of the week. Women are believed to only wear 20% of the items in their closets, so it's understandable how we can become tired of what we already have and get stuck repeating the same ensembles over. So it's time to make some changes!

Day 1- Monday
Vibrant color is a great way to add some vigor to your daily attire. Wear the brightest color you have and see how it instantly improves your clothing.

Day 2- Tuesday
In your closet, look for the least apparent combinations and combine them. You're sure to find a combination with a little experimenting that not only works but also is one you'd never have thought to put together.

Day 3- Wednesday

If you like form-fitting clothing or feel a little scared by wearing anything with so much volume, try adding it to your appearance once, perhaps in the shape of a shirt or pair of slacks.

Day 4- Thursday

Choose one hue and wear it in a variety of tones from head to toe for a whimsical yet harmonious style.

Day 5- Friday

Playing with prints is frequently a terrific method to update your wardrobe since it offers an immediately eye-catching feature that may take your appearance in a new direction.

Day 6- Saturday
Wear your shoes with the coziest, most fashionable clothing you have in your closet. Select a nice item, put together your weekend outfits, and strike a pose.

Day 7- Sunday

Your wardrobe will grow quickly if you can learn how to combine designs and colors successfully. You may easily increase the amount of wear you get out of several items in your closet by putting them together in an out-of-the-ordinary and daring combination.

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