Get Neofaa’s Styling Secret for the Perfect Festive Look!

Get Neofaa’s Styling Secret for the Perfect Festive Look!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we are all prepared for the celebrations. Girls are prepared to wear their most fashionable ethnic attire, but what about those who like to wear western attire? Ever consider the girls who adore their western attire and wish to play with it? Aren't we all anticipating this winter? Unquestionably, yes! The breezy season offers many fashion choices and is ideal for showcasing your uniqueness through a variety of ensembles. To maintain that confidence, the body stays clean, you are protected from heat patches, and your clothes stay dry. With so much to cheer upon, Neofaa’s western wear collection for women has put on strategic steps to get that perfect festive look!

Level up with bottoms!
Starting with bottoms, which are the coziest outfit for women! Women's pants are a crucial component of their clothing. Wide-flared pants with trendy prints, like tie-dye wide-leg, flared pants, floral wide-leg flared pants, and solid-colored pants, are popular in the winter. Style these pants with solid-colored tops and a shrug to make a statement for that certain festive appearance. Put on heels, bracelets, and those huge earrings to go with the same!

How to style tops in the festive season?
Have you ever considered pairing your t-shirts and tops with palazzos? You'll be ready to rock the holiday season if you mix them with wide-length ethnic palazzos. This fusion outfit has a lot of intriguing potentials. Consider combining a long skirt and a tank top. With the skirt, you can be as daring and flamboyant as you like and wear any color you like. Wear a colorful stole with a pom-pom on it if you want to get a desi style. These days, pom poms are a major "IN" accessory. You can even style tops with the skirts and leggings!

Festive dresses for women
If we scrutinize fashion, we can conclude that dresses are the ‘timeless’ outfit. Particularly for Christmas, Neofaa has updated its dress collection by including Christmas theme print dress that looks flourishing. Red luxurious velvet bodycon dress, white curved hemt velvet shirt dress Christmas special velvet dress, are best suitable for Christmas day. For a Christmas party, a wrap dress, or spaghetti dual-tone midi dress will boost your energy. For Christmas lunch, a suede blazer dress when styled with a handbag and heels, with a bit of accessory will allow more appreciation and compliments.

Blazers for women!
Blazers in the festive season is a rare appearance but they make a great impact. Tie & Dye blazer matched with the same print bottom from Neofaa will enhance your festive vibes. Velvet blazers are the latest addition to Neofaa’s blazers collection that is suitable for the festive season in a way that they can be all luxurious and can be layered up with a turtle neck top inside. With a bit of accessories such as a watch, hand bag, and heels, you can ace up the fashion game.

You might step up your cosmetics routine.
Keep your makeup simple but use a striking lip color. Just make sure to liberally apply foundation, concealer, and primer to your face. You can also tan your cheekbones to give them a more pronounced appearance. The two main highlights for Indian ladies are bindis and kohl, so be sure to use them.

Play around with your hair.
This holiday season, refrain from letting your hair fall beyond your shoulders. Try a novel braid with your long hair, such as a princess braid or a waterfall braid. If you have hair, make use of your additional length. Or you may just choose a lovely flower bun.

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