Essential Guide to Dressing for the Office!

Essential Guide to Dressing for the Office!

The workplace is a show of our lifestyle and a very important part of our professional lives. But to look your best at the office, you need to consider the kind of environment and the kind of company that you are employed in. This will help you understand the kind of dress code for your office and also let you easily adapt to the surroundings and also to mark a statement without compromising your style.

With the advancements in the fashion world, there have been many trends in workplaces too. The Blazers and Co-ord sets have become common. Everyone is looking for comfortable and stylish attires, that serve the purpose of both, being 'refreshed' all day and also to mark an impression. Denim matched with Tops are too common attires at the workplace, as they are easy to go with. Just match it with a pair of sandals and a bit of accessories and it's a good-to-go thing. 

As shirts often make up much of the look, they should be appropriate and tailored to your desired level of formality. For everyday professional attire, a classic white shirt is usually the most appropriate option. However, for a little more flair and originality, there are numerous variations on fabric, necklines, and color that can be experimented with.
Along with shirts, trousers are an essential part of your office look. Make sure they fit well and are comfortable. They should be long enough to cover your ankles unless you’re going for a more casual look with ankle trousers. Chinos and slacks give a professional edge while incorporating style. 

Co-ords have become increasingly popular for in-office dressing. A co-ord set can be tailored to your style without compromising your look. Opt for fashionable pieces that look classy and professional, like monochrome suited sets or pretty blouses and jeans combos. They come in all sorts of silhouettes; so whatever shape or fit you are looking for, you will find something to suit you.

In addition to traditional shirts and trousers, shrugs can be great for adding a touch of statement to your look. They can be long and snuggly for a winter look, or short and light to give a summery feel. Pick a color or pattern that complements your outfit and that works with the atmosphere of the office. 

Lastly, for those days when it’s too hot to bear, try out a light and breezy dress. Whether it’s hemmed below the knee or midi-length, a dress will always make a big statement whilst still looking refined and polished. Choose something flattering to your shape and classic in color, and team it with a smart blazer, shoes, and accessories to finish off your look.

In essence, it is always best to dress for the environment and adhere to the dress codes, while adapting it to your style. Clothing should always be constructed to ensure it is comfortable and flattering. While it is important to look professional and stick to the dress codes, it is just as important to remember to function within them and to incorporate your flair into the overall look you wish to achieve.


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