Do Not Fear A Failure!

Do Not Fear A Failure!

Fearing Failure? Is the biggest failure of our lives. Trying something new always leads to different paths, and that is scarier, to be honest. But what about the lessons that we learn across the way. Failure provides an opportunity to build yourself again. Those who never sail, never know the depth of tides. ‘Comfort zone is the most dangerous zone.’ It does not kill you, it kills your dreams, your ambitions. Those who do not persist, never taste success. 
Think about it, as a child who is constantly trying to walk, and he/she falls numerous times, but no one asks him/her to stop and quit trying. Our perception of ourselves defines who we are. If the child would stop trying after failing innumerable times then he/she will never learn to walk. Often, we are judged by people, that fear overshadows our actions, and we stop. We stop because we value our dreams more in the terms of what others will think if we fail. 
Be positive about the things that have not even happened yet. Overthinking kills happiness. Forming a cloud full of problems and surrounding your present with that futuristic problems, is just a formation of getting dumped into the hole, that we dig for ourselves. The dilemma of choosing what is right for us and what society will judge based on our decisions is real. It’s in human nature, to think of the future. No matter how much hard we try, the thoughts are always there. The thoughts are uncontrollable but the quality of thoughts is controllable. For example, you can be optimistic. A coin when tossed will have either be head or tail. Success and Failure are always together. But your persistence decides the closeness to either of them. Failure is just a step, not a destination. In the majority of the companies, people who have succeeded, have tried different ventures and failed several times. All it takes is willpower, commitment, and discipline. 

You see a dream, just work on it, period! If you want to achieve something, start taking action. Thoughts will bind you to sit and observe, actions will take you to the places, you always wished for. Failure is the greatest teacher. You can start again with a lot of experience from the failed attempt. Just do it!

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